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Agricultural Fencing

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Our agricultural fencing includes industry recognized products & brands such as Rylock®, Masterfence© stock fencing, and many others.

We abide by our established principles of distributing quality agricultural fencing to the farming trade, at the best possible prices.

Barbed Wire


Coiled barbed wire supplies a vital protection finish to any agricultural security/stock fencing. Our barbed wire is available in a galvanised or green annealed finish.


Barbed wire is supplied on either timber or plastic reels with full weight bearing handles to aide secure & safe handling during transport & deployment.

To complement our barbed wire products, we also offer barbed wire brackets which allow easy fitment to fencing systems as palisade fencing & other industrial fencing alternatives.


Coiled Wire


Coiled wire can be used for a range of different purposes including straining wire fencing to fencing topping & assembling electric fencing. Our coiled wire is supplied in galvanised, green & black annealed finishes for long-term usage. A1 Security Fencing & Garden Services also offer coiled wire in a variety of thickness, weights & lengths.

Security Fencing & Garden Services coiled wire comes in both mild steel and HT, suitable for a variety of applications.

Cyclone Fencing


Our Cyclone fence with over 70 years of performance behind it is simple and economic to install, providing great strength with long life.


Available in many size options for all farm types, Cyclone fence can be utilized throughout a total farm layout. The Cyclone Tightlock system can be applied to access raceways, internal sub-divisional fencing & farm boundary fencing over all terrains.


The Cyclone Tightlock prefabricated deer fence is lightweight, simple and economic to erect, the cyclone fence provides great strength & has extended-life performance.


This range of Cyclone fencing is available in a range of specifications to best provide the 'right fence' in the right place for the performance required. Today's deer containment & management layout can be carefully planned for economy & optimum stock control, using proven gateway, raceway & stockyard configurations. Cyclone Tightlock with the right fencing plan, will save you time, hassle and greatly improve your profitability.


Designed for maximum strength the line wires are spaced to provide strength and security at the most needed points of contact and impact. The stay wires (vertical) combine with the knots and tension curves to create overall rigidity and elasticity. The load of any impact will spread and dissipate over the full fence height and for some distances either side.

Master Stock Fencing


Masterfence® comes 2 core materials, Mild Steel & HT (available in 50m and 100m rolls). Our galvanised Masterfence stock fence option comes complete with 2 bottom horizontal & vertical wires coated in an anti-corrosive coating to supply protection where it is needed first.


Masterfence® Galvanised Mild Steel

Mild Steel stock fence is composed of heavily galvanised wire which enables it to meet your long life fencing demands with the strength and quality to require.

The bottom two horizontal wires have Masterfence® Green's anti-corrosive coating to provide protection where it is needed first.


Masterfence® Galvanised High Tensile

Galvanised High Tensile Fencing is composed of heavily galvanised high tensile wire allowing for enormous amounts of pressure resistance and superior tensioning.

The bottom two horizontal and vertical wires have Masterfence® Green's anti-corrosive coating to provide protection where it is needed first.

Rylock Stock Fencing

Anyone with experience of fencing land will know that the best stock fences are those which use quality materials and the right techniques. That's how you can build longevity and long-term best value. We have been delivering the best quality, and best value stock fence, for more that one hundread and seventy years.


We provide stock fencing solutions which meet the needs of Britain's farmers, landowners, and land managers in every way.


For a start, the Rylock Green stock fence lasts up to three times longer than typical galvainised fencing, giving you unrivalled 'lifetime value' with durability you can depend on - year in, year out. The Stock fence is also subject to the most stringent quality control, so you get a consistently excellent product. Which means Rylock Green Stock Fence won't ever let you down.


Rylock green, Rylock One and Sentinel stock fence products are manufactured in an enviroment covered by BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and our material content, quality and coatings are consistently delivered to exacting specifications; all factory procedures also conform to the highest quality and environmental standards BS EN ISO 14001:2008.

Stock Fencing

Our large range of stock fencing is manufactured from the highest quality materials ensuring value-for-money & enduring performance well into the stock fences lifespan, qualities you come to expect from A1 Security Fencing & Garden Services.


High Tensile Stock Fencing


Our high tensile stock fencing offers optimum strength, durability, tautness & ease of installation for a low lifetime cost and effortless maintenance. Its ability to be strained much tighter than mild steel fencing means that fewer intermediate posts are required, saving you time & money.

This is state-of-the-art stock fencing has a multitude of agricultural applications: More and more contractors, landowners & tenant farmers choose high tensile stock fencing for its unbeatable quality & ready-to-use availability.


Mild Steel Stock Fencing


In addition to our comprehensive range of high tensile stock fencing products, the A1 Security Fencing & Garden Services. offers high quality mild steel fencing.

We have invested considerable development time & employed the very latest technology to ensure the mild steel stock fencing is among the strongest & longest-lasting in the UK market. Every reel is given a unique serial number for complete manufacturing & distribution traceability.

Our mild steel stock fencing is supplied in a range of grades, heights & vertical spacings. Available in 50m or 100m rolls, 250m contractor rolls, and up to 500m rolls upon special request.

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